Tasmanian Debating Union

Affiliate of the Australian Debating Federation

The Tasmanian Debating Union is Tasmania's premier debating organisation for schools' level competition, training and development. The TDU was founded in 1981 and is the sole Tasmanian affiliate of the Australian Debating Federation.

The TDU organises and conducts schools' competitions for all levels of secondary education in southern Tasmania, and works with partners in the north of the state and the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association to conduct an annual statewide tournament.

The TDU also undertakes training and development of debaters and adjudicators across the state, and each year selects a team to represent Tasmania at the Australian Debating Championships.

Results of the 2014 southern schools' competition

Grand finals for the 2014 southern schools' competition were held at New Town High School on Wednesday 2 July 2014.

Congratulations to all teams who participated in this year's debating season, and a special congratulations to this year's premiers. Over 60 team registrations were received, making this the largest competition in recent years.

Debate Winner Runner-Up
Novice GF St Mary's College 1 New Town High 1
Grade 8 GF The Hutchins School 1 New Town High 2
Grade 9 GF Ogilvie High 1 New Town High 1
Grade 10 GF Ogilvie High 1 The Friends' School 2
College GF Hobart College 3 Fahan School 1